In Edo era, Matsudo town flourished as a post town of Mito Road and also as a hub of water transportation.
In this town, grilled corn with soy sauce is sold at Kanzeon Bodhisattva Festival in midsummer every year.
This event is called “toumorokoshi-ichi” and has been popular from ancient time until now as a seasonal tradition of summer.
In 2006 in addition to “toumorokoshi-ichi”, a new event began. Traditon has it that in old day people offered lights and prayed at this bodhisattva festival. Associated with this tradition and to show thank to blessings of nature and ancestors who restored Saka-gawa river to prevent flood, paper lanterns are floated on Saka-gawa river and lights are offered to nearby temple and shrine. This festival is now called “Kento-matsuri “(votive light festival).
Please enjoy the cool of the evening of the summer while taste the atmosphere of old Japanese fair such as lantern floats and food stalls.

1000 lanterns are lined up 500 meters along Saka-gawa river which runs through Mastudo town. Find “nagomi”(calmness) and “yasuragi”(peace), “natukasisa”(nostalgia) of the unique historic town.